Our natural fiber-reinforced biocompounds Otura® and Lignura® can be used in a wide range of applications. The product design is largely determined by the choice of biopolymer matrix. For more durable products, for example, a bio-based polyolefin is selected. This is non-degradable and can be recycled or thermally recovered at end-of-life. We can also offer industrially compostable compound variants and take certain properties like dishwasher-safety into account.

We can offer suitable compounds for short-lived and compostable products thanks to suitable biopolymers. Flower pots or browsing protection are good examples of applications. We use biopolymers that are biodegradable in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and TÜV Austria. Our fibers also meet the requirements of DIN EN 13432, which means that both, wood and oat fibers are proven to decompose with no accumulation of harmful substances in the soil or compost. We can offer a compostable version certified by TÜV Austria and have added this to our portfolio.

TÜV Austria Heimkompostierbar
  • mulching film
  • browsing and sweeping protection
  • flower pots
  • plant boxes
  • single-use
  • multi-use
  • caps
  • beach toys
  • playing pieces/bricks
  • play figures
  • sorting and storage boxes
  • desk organiser
  • pens
  • gluing sticks (hulls)
  • hanger
  • golf tees
  • frisbee
  • buckets
  • gardening tools
  • 3D-printing

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