Otura® are our organic compounds based on natural fibers made from oat hulls. Vast quantities of hulls are side products from grain processing. We return this recovered waste to the material cycle in a value-adding way.

Product properties

The product properties vary depending on the choice of biopolymer and fiber content. The desired properties (home compostable, industrially compostable, etc.) are controlled in particular by the choice of matrix biopolymer. The oat fibers can be used to achieve a reinforcing effect. In the biodegradable variants, degradability is improved with increasing fiber content. The cost-effective natural fiber naturally also determines the compound costs.


  • fibers made from renewable oat hulls
  • from organic cultivation and therefore harmless
  • sidestream of food industry
  • natural, light color: good colorability
  • fiber content up to 50%: higher fiber content possible than with Lignura®
  • choice of bio-based and/or biodegradable biopolymers for recyclable, industrially compostable, home compostable and marine degradable applications
  • saves finite petrochemical resources and the environment

Otura® bio-compounds are especially suitable for injection molding. Variants with a low fiber content (10-20%) can also be used in thermoforming or 3D printing.

Dr. Kolja Ostendorf, R&D

What is Otura® used for?

Since we can work with all types of biopolymers and can also influence the product properties with the amount of fiber content, a wide variety of applications are feasible. Here are a few examples:

  • agricultural products that degrade on site, e.g. mulch films
  • gardening supplies, e.g. compostable flower pots, growing pots or tree protection
  • packaging
  • closures and caps for packaging
  • toys

Processing instructions

Natural fiber-filled compounds should always be processed as thoroughly as possible. Processing instructions are therefore listed in the respective data sheets. Pre-drying between 60-70 °C to < 1% residual moisture is recommended in order to avoid undesirable effects during processing. High temperatures (≤ 180 °C) and extreme shear forces should be avoided.

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What makes Otura® different from other products?

The choice of fiber is crucial. For Otura®, fibers are carefully processed from pure sidestream materials and returned to the material cycle in a value-adding way. No trees have to be harvested for this. As the raw material comes from organic cultivation, we have a pesticide-free and harmless natural product that can be metabolized without residues thanks to its good degradability. This fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 13432 (2000).

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