Lignura are our organic compounds made from PEFC-certified wood flours. We mainly use sawmill by-products to produce our products. This allows us to utilize a residual material, which is otherwise mainly incinerated.

The product properties of Lignura compounds vary depending on the choice of biopolymer and fiber content. The desired properties (home compostable, industrially compostable, etc.) are determined by the choice of matrix biopolymer. By compounding with wood fibers, a reinforcing effect can be achieved (higher stiffness). The low-cost wood fibers have a significant influence on the compound costs.

  • regrowing wood fibers
  • PEFC-certified
  • derived from waste materials of the sawmill industry
  • fiber content up to 40%
  • natural, woody color tone
  • choice of biobased and/or biodegradable biopolymers for recyclable, industrially compostable, home compostable and marine degradable applications
  • saves finite petrochemical resources and the environment

Lignura bio-compounds are especially suitable for injection molding and extrusion. Variants with lower fiber contents can also be used in thermoforming or 3D printing with pellet extruders.

Dr. Kolja Ostendorf, R&D

Lignura is a very versatile biocompound. Since we can work with all biopolymers togehther with varying amounts of wood fiber content, a wide variety of applications are feasible. Here are a few examples:

  • agricultural products that degrade on site, e.g. mulch films
  • gardening supplies, e.g. compostable flower pots, growing pots or tree protection
  • packaging
  • closures and caps for packaging
  • toys

What differs Lignura® from other similar or identical products?

The difference lies in the fine structure of the used wood flour. This results in a homogeneous distribution of the fine wood particles, which create a high-quality, aesthetic impression. The result is a warm, wood-like color.

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